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10 ways Virtual Runner is celebrating 10 years

Virtual Runner UK was founded by Susan from Nottingham and for any small business surviving 10 years is definitely a milestone that should be celebrated! There have been many developments within VR UK, but so many things have remained the same – including the fact that Susan is the sole person working on the emails, […]

Top 10 tips for race day: How to prepare for live running events

Preparing for an in-real-life running event can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Whether it’s your first race or you’re a seasoned runner, the excitement and anticipation can sometimes lead to a mix of emotions. In the latest of our ‘Top 10’ blogs to celebrate Virtual Runner’s 10th anniversary, here are our top tips for making […]

Top 10 medals – Susan’s choices

This is certainly not going to be the easiest blog I have written – the words themselves are fine. However, how can I possibly pick out favourite medals from the past 10 years? I have lost count of the number of medals that i’ve worked on designing, organising production and importantly sending out to you […]

Top 10 Reasons to get into Virtual Running

Are you looking for a fun and rewarding way to stay active, improve your mental well-being, and be part of an incredible community? Look no further than running! Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a complete beginner, there are numerous compelling reasons to lace up those running shoes and hit the pavement, or in the […]

Top 10 tips for beginner runners

Running is one of the simplest yet most effective forms of exercise, but it can feel daunting if you’re unsure how to get started.   In the latest of our blogs to celebrate Virtual Runner’s 10th anniversary, here are our top 10 tips to help you discover the joy of running:   1. Invest in […]

Virtual Runner launches new anniversary collaboration with Monkey Sox

We are so excited to announce that you can now get your hands (or feet!) on a pair of Virtual Runner-branded Monkey Sox.     We’ve been big fans of the brand for ages and absolutely love their bright, colourful designs, as well as everything they do to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. […]

The 10 best moments from a decade of Virtual Runner

It started as a way of raising sponsorship for founder Susan’s first marathon attempt, but over the past ten years Virtual Runner has transformed into something far bigger than she could ever have imagined. Here, in the latest of a series of special blogs to mark the company’s 10th anniversary, Susan looks back on her […]

Virtual Runner’s biggest races

When Virtual Runner’s founder Susan first set up the organisation ten years ago, her main aim was to raise some sponsorship for an upcoming marathon.   Fast forward a decade and the initiative has raised over £750,000 for charities across the UK. At least 20% of the revenue from races are donated to charity, with […]

The top 10 benefits of running

As we look forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of Virtual Runner this autumn we’re bringing you a series of 10 ‘Top 10’ blogs to mark the occasion. In our second blog in our 10 themed series, we go back to basics and explore the top 10 benefits of running. It’s a great reminder for […]

Virtual Runner’s top 10 parkruns – and a 10th anniversary tour!

It’s no secret that Virtual Runner’s founder Susan is a huge fan of parkrun, and is a familiar face at many in the Nottingham area – and beyond! This week, she will embark on a tour of 10 parkruns across the UK and Ireland to mark Virtual Runner’s 10th anniversary, including many she has never […]

Time to taper? When to start slowing down

If you’re running a marathon or half-marathon this autumn, the good news is that the bulk of the hard work is already done… If things have gone to plan over the past few months you’ll have plenty of miles in your legs, be approaching your longest training run, and soon be turning your mind to […]

The power of goal setting for runners

For most of us, running is about so much more than exercise. It’s a journey of self-discovery, growth and accomplishment, of pushing ourselves to do things we never thought we could. But when the initial buzz of a new achievement wears off, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep lacing up your […]

Strength training for runners

Why strength training is so important for runners Whether you’re an experienced marathon runner or just starting your journey, incorporating strength training into your routine can help take your running game to the next level. Often overlooked, particularly by those who don’t consider themselves “serious” runners, strength training can enhance your performance – helping you […]

Double or Quits…?

The Double or quit race is an annual charity race hosted by Ilkeston Running Club, over the August bank holiday. The race takes place at Shipley Country Park. What’s unique about the race is, YOU decide the distance you want to run on the day. Nordic Walkers are also welcome to join us over 5 miles. […]

How to prepare for your first triathlon

Been running for a while and ready for your next challenge? Maybe you’ve run all your local races, or hit your marathon goals and need something extra to keep you motivated.. A triathlon could be the obvious next step. But how do you make the leap from one sport to three? From choosing what distances […]

3 parkruns, 3 countries in 4 days

If you follow Virtual Runner on social media, this might be slightly old news, but after lots of questions I thought I would blog about my recent adventure which enabled me to take in 3 parkruns, in 3 different countries in just 4 days! How is this possible was the main question I received, so […]

How to stop hay fever ruining your run this summer

The sun is finally shining and nature is looking its beautiful best – but that isn’t always good news for runners. This time of year can prove a real problem for those who suffer with hay fever. The warmer weather and explosion in pollen cause a range of symptoms which can play havoc with your […]

How running can improve your mental health

It’s currently Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK (May 15 -21), which feels like the ideal time to talk about the benefits running can have on our mental health. Yes, running can make you fitter, stronger and help you lose weight but, as anyone who runs regularly knows, it can also have a life-changing […]

Prepare to be inspired by Zak and his running journey

Meet Zak, a 29 year football lover from Hertfordshire. Having Down Syndrome has never held Zak back. He’s a member of Special Olympics East Herts actively taking part in golf athletics and netball. He signed up to Virtual Runner during the pandemic on the recommendation of a friend who showed him all the medals he […]

How to make time for exercise when life is busy

We all know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and plenty of exercise, but finding time to fit it in isn’t always easy. Work, children, household chores, relationships, social commitments and other general life admin can all combine to make it feel impossible to take time out of your day. But staying active, in whatever […]

How to get your children egg-cited about exercise this Easter

The Easter holidays are here, and while it may be tempting to do little but snuggle up on the sofa and eat lots of chocolate, the next two weeks are the perfect time to get the whole family up and moving. The slightly warmer spring weather (fingers crossed!) and longer days are an excellent reason […]

Running changed my life

Most of you know the lady behind Virtual Runner to be Susan Wheatcroft AKA Virtual Runner lady, but I thought it was time to share my own personal running journey now I am almost 10 years in from that very first run (back in July 2013), so here goes… This title may sound dramatic – […]

Are you suffering from maranoia? – Marathon anxiety and how to beat it 

As marathon season comes around many Virtual Runners will be gearing up for their next big challenge. Whether you’ve never run a marathon before or have dozens under your belt, it’s common to feel the fear in the weeks preceding a big race. Marathons are one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, physical activities you […]

About Virtual Runner

The benefits of running slowly: channelling your inner sloth

This month sees the return of Virtual Runner’s popular Sloth Challenge. With no minimum distance or time requirements, entrants simply log how far they can run, walk or cycle in one go. It’s the perfect challenge for anyone who’s worried about hitting pre-determined targets and simply wants to take it steady, but it’s also a […]

Virtual Runner – more than just a running group

Adele Nightingale (pictured here) has been a member of the Virtual Runner community for a number of years and very kindly put together the below in her own words: I’ve been sporty all my life. From swimming internationally as a youngster to being a ‘running Grandma’ as I’ve got older. In addition to sport, my […]

Reflective leggings that can help you be seen in the dark

Reflective Leggings by Sturdy by Design The team at Sturdy by Design have been in touch with us to share an exciting development which could help keep you safe during your winter runs, walks, ride etc. Charlene from Sturdy by Design tells us more: ‘Our (Sturdy by Design’s) fabulous range of bright and funky sports […]

Training Tips for the new Canicrosser

Emily Thomas, Director of K9 Trail Time has provided some excellent tips on how to get into the sport of running with your dog(s); otherwise known as canicrossing. #1 – Train your voice commands as early as possible and as often as possible, you can start from when your dog is a pup to teach […]

Lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t have exercise goals

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog – I have a list of excuses, mainly around how busy (for which I am so grateful) I have been, but a friend gave me a nudge and suggested I blogged about what I have been up to. For those of you who have followed Virtual […]

At-Home Workout for Runners

An effective at-home workout is always handy if you are a runner. Sometimes you can’t get out and run for whatever reason, and you don’t want that to impact your fitness. An excellent at-home workout can enhance your running performance and even reduce your risk of injury when you get back outside. Here are our […]

A new way to run with your phone

The guys at Freetrain got in touch with us at Virtual Runner to tell us about a new product they have developed and launched. Mr Virtual Runner, aka Paul tested the V1 during a run (long run) as part of his virtual London Marathon on 4th October. Paul was very impressed with the fit, it […]

How It Feels To Run A Virtual Marathon

How It Feels To Run A Virtual Marathon Running solo has huge mental benefits and a virtual race can feel just as credible as the real thing Rosie Denny in her own words: Turning 40 this summer was the catalyst for running 26.2. Despite being a seasoned runner of nearly 20 years, the big one […]

Running clothes made from recycled plastic bottles

Virtual Runner has been working with Scimitar Sports for a number of years. You will fairly often see a chance on our Facebook page to win some of their amazing goodies so do keep an eye out! Well this time it was my turn! The fab team at Scimitar sent me one of their tops […]