Virtual Runner launches new anniversary collaboration with Monkey Sox

We are so excited to announce that you can now get your hands (or feet!) on a pair of Virtual Runner-branded Monkey Sox.



We’ve been big fans of the brand for ages and absolutely love their bright, colourful designs, as well as everything they do to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.



As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations we’ve commissioned a pair of specially-made Monkey Sox in our red and blue brand colours, which you can purchase if you take part in our Monkey Miles Challenge this November.


Virtual Runner founder Susan said: “I’m so thrilled that we’ve been able to team up with Monkey Sox to do this. “I’m usually very wary about collaborations with other brands and will only do them if they’re products I genuinely believe in and would buy myself.


“I absolutely love Monkey Sox and have so many pairs – they’re just brilliant quality and I love all of the designs – but I also feel like their whole ethos and the fact they’re raising money for charity at the same time, has so many links back to what we’re trying to do here at Virtual Runner.”


Monkey Sox is a Community Interest Company and spilts 50% of the profits from all its socks between three MS charities.


It was founded by James Carvell and his wife Lianne after James was diagnosed with MS. The idea being that the odd socks represent the way the different sides of the body can act and feel differently in people who have MS.


Like Virtual Runner, the company is also celebrating a milestone anniversary this November, having reached five years in business. Lianne said: “We wanted to do something that would not only raise funds for MS charities but that would help to raise awareness of the condition and make it easier for people to start those conversations.


“We were also keen to show what a huge role exercise can play when dealing with a diagnosis like this, and show people that it’s still possible to live a healthy, active lifestyle. “When Susan approached us at the Birmingham National Running Show last year and we got talking about Virtual Runner it felt like the most natural, easy, lovely collaboration.


“We love the inclusivity of Virtual Runner and the way it breaks down potential barriers to exercise.


“I had such a great time designing her socks.”


The final designs were chosen after putting it to a vote in the Virtual Runner community.


You can order a pair for £17 here or when you sign up to our Monkey Miles Challenge – to clock up as many miles as you can this November, whether that’s by running, walking, cycling, rowing, swimming, cross training, on indoor gym equipment, scooting, etc. As long as you can log the miles, it all counts!


The challenge itself costs £13 to enter, with 20% of the entry fee going to the MS Trust. You’ll then be given the option of adding on a pair of Monkey Sox for an extra £17 – 50% of the profits from these will also go to the company’s chosen MS charities (The MS Trust, the MS Society and MS UK).

All the details of the challenge can be found here.