Top 10 medals – Susan’s choices

This is certainly not going to be the easiest blog I have written – the words themselves are fine. However, how can I possibly pick out favourite medals from the past 10 years? I have lost count of the number of medals that i’ve worked on designing, organising production and importantly sending out to you wonderful guys, but it is well over 1,000. I have to pinch myself at these kind of stats and thank you to each and every one of you for making it possible. The movement of so many medals (well over 100,000 in total) is no mean feat, particularly as Virtual Runner is still based from my home in Nottingham.


Some of my favourites I have selected because of the design, others because of what they have meant. So here goes, this is my top 10 favourite Virtual Runner medals, in no particular order as that would be like picking my favourite child (thankfully I only have one of those!)


1. The Monthly Challenge

This challenge is now in its fourth year (fifth one coming up) and I absolutely love everything this one stands for. The medal is our largest and I’ve been really proud to bring this design to you as it is certainly unique and keeps so many of you motivated all year round.

We attract around 500 people per month to do this event and by the end of the year, I honestly feel like I know so many of you personally and I love it!

Many of you also come back year after year and I have witnessed first hand your improvements – whether that is pace or distances or indeed both. I am not alone is loving this concept and design as the feedback received each year when those frames go out is simply amazing to hear.

2. London 26.2 challenge

I have done the London marathon 4 times now – either in London or virtually so it holds a special place in my heart. I am perhaps being a little biased here, but the Virtual Runner London themed medal is one of my favourite and even better than some medals offered at live events. The colours on this one really stand out in my collection and the landmarks do look pretty distinctive.





3. We Beat 2020. 

I had so much fun with this design and it helped brighten days when times were challenging. The community really came together for this event (and many others to be fair) and I had a giggle at sending 1000’s of medals with toilet rolls on.

4. Run 22

This medal needs little introduction and remains to be the challenge that raised the highest amount for charity. This medal was sent to thousands of people across the world in support of those who tragically died in the Manchester Arena bombing back in 2017.



5. Rainbow challenge

I love this medal for the vibrant colours, dangling love hearts and just for the fact it is an all round light-hearted medal!

6. Virtual Runner ran a series of live events in Nottingham called Virtual Runner LIVE which remains to be one of my proudest moments/times, so for me this medal (along with the others in the series and from different years) is a stand-out favourite. The design has a little of everything showcasing elements of the VR logo, glittery colourful trainers and the distance achieved. The medal is a pretty sizeable one too!

7. Love You to the Moon and Back

This simple but effective medal is a firm favourite of mine, I love the meaning behind the words and the medal looks stunning with the chain instead of the more traditional ribbon.






8. Run You Guys Challenge

I had so much fun with this design and was delighted with how it turned out. The medal has moveable features and received great feedback to those of you who joined to earn this piece of bling.

9. Bee Kind challenge

This is perhaps one medal that many of you won’t have as it was a limited edition. However I love the simple design and the fact the bee moves around the love heart shape.





10. Bagpuss Bash

I was very honoured and privileged to have been given the opportunity (and permission with copyrights etc) to design a Bagpuss medal in aid of Hospices of Hope. This is the most recent design, which you can get your hands on in February 2024. I was delighted with how well Bagpuss turned out on a medal, certainly is a cute addition to any medal collection.