Virtual Runner joins forces with Running Tales to bring you extraordinary stories from the running world

“In 2018, at the beginning of June, I ran out of the Atlantic Ocean in Namibia.“It was just insane, it was desert, it was 35 degree heat, there was no shade. I was camping, I was stripped of luxuries.“But that didn’t matter, because the sunrise and sunsets, and the wildlife – it was just incredible.”That was ultra runner Brendan Rendall talking about the epic coast-to-coast run he did across Africa.Brendan is just one of many extraordinary runners featured on the Running Tales Podcast.

Created by Craig and Michelle Lewis, the podcast ran for more than four years and featured the extraordinary stories of everyday runners.There are so many wonderful and inspiring stories in the world of running – and Running Tales aimed to give as many of them as possible the publicity they deserve.In February 2024, Craig and Michelle called time on the podcast, citing the time taken to produce episodes, but they have managed to preserve previous episodes on Spotify.And Virtual Runner is pleased to announce we have now partnered with Running Tales to help bring their stories to our community.Simply click on the embedded link below and you’ll be able to listen to all the episodes on Running Tales.And if you want to keep up with Craig and Michelle’s latest work, they are still producing a Running Tales newsletter which can be found here.LINK TO BRENDAN’s PODCAST: