Reflective leggings that can help you be seen in the dark

Reflective Leggings by Sturdy by Design

The team at Sturdy by Design have been in touch with us to share an exciting development which could help keep you safe during your winter runs, walks, ride etc.

Charlene from Sturdy by Design tells us more:

‘Our (Sturdy by Design’s) fabulous range of bright and funky sports leggings certainly help you stand out from the crowd, they even glow under UV light! But I’ve been asked for a while now if we could start making reflective leggings for running and walking at night. There’s a few on the market already but having tested some, I found that they were quite thin, poor-quality leggings. While the reflection worked great, the actual leggings themselves really let them down. I did some investigations and found it would be quite easy for our manufacturer to buy in this reflective material and make the leggings for us. But I didn’t want to produce the same as everyone else. We already have a fabulous Plain essentials leggings range that our customers love, so why not take this already loved collection and simply apply the reflective technology to them! So that’s what we did. It’s taken us almost a year to get this done and perfected but we now finally have what we feel are one of the best reflective leggings on the market! High waisted with a removable drawstring waist, two thigh pockets, a rear zip pocket. A range that comes in sizes 6-24 in regular length, tall petite, capri and shorts! We even have a thicker winter range coming soon along with the addition of bra crop tops and snugs later in the year. Be safe, be seen!