My running secrets

For those of you who have followed Virtual Runner for some years are likely to know some of this. But here is a blog about where I am at with my running just now. I have ran a few marathons over the years since I took up running in 2013 including the London Marathon on […]

An introduction to the Virtual Runner app

The Virtual Runner app is here – everything you love about virtual running, now available for your smartphone! We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the benefits of virtual running, so the app does exactly that. Free to download for iOS, it lets you find and buy a wide range […]

Andrea Kelly – my running journey

I started running in 2007. It was a time before running apps, smart watches, running groups and Facebook. I used to drive my routes after I finished them to find out how far I had gone. In 2010 I fell pregnant. I managed to carry on running until I was 31 weeks when I ripped […]

Top 10 Dog Breeds For Running

Sometimes the best running buddies are those with four legs and a tail. Taking your pooch for a run can be rewarding and mutually beneficial, providing your dog with a regular dose of fresh air and exercise. But not all dogs are cut out for running, especially if you like to turn over long distances. […]

Notching up your achievements in style – around your wrist!

We all know that running isn’t easy. It takes time, effort and commitment, and often, it’s not fun at all, just painful. So, getting others to see and appreciate all that effort and sacrifice you go through as a runner was our chief motivation behind creating Notch, a simple and stylish way of wearing your […]

How to get the most out of your running

Real You Wellbeing are a team of two experience individuals in sports, nutrition and coaching who have very kindly written this blog to inspire your running. How to get the most out of your running? When we set clear goals we are much more likely to be successful. What do you want to achieve this week, […]

Breaking Mental Barriers

Running is an all-inclusive activity, but it is tough on your mental state. Break that routine with these tips to help your mind.

Gary’s Blog – my return to health after a stroke

Hi fellow Virtual Runners, just wanted to share my story with you. In 2010 I developed the most common abnormal heart rhythm, Atrial fibrillation – Initially, it was intermittent or Paraxysmal. I had always kept myself fit by running, rowing and cycling mainly, and was keen to maintain my fitness. I found that i could […]

Best Running paths with a View

In this blog we will look at a handful of fantastic running routes that will help you get in your exercise while capturing some stunning views along the way.

Author of ‘The Marathon’ talks to Virtual Runner

Philippa Cates, Author of ‘The Marathon’ talks to Virtual Runner about the inspiration behind her book. I had never wanted to run a marathon (run 26.2 miles for goodness sake, that’s utter madness..) so of course when I got offered a place in the London Marathon 2017 with Diabetes UK I immediately said yes. That’s […]

Run with Ease, Learn to Breathe

How should you breathe when running? If your breathing technique is not correct it can often lead to greater running stress. We explore more in this blog.

My VR Story – David Gearing

This week we caught up with Virtual Runner member David Gearing for a quickfire question session on Virtual Runner and what it means to be part of the community. Want to take part next time? Please get in touch. When was your first Virtual Runner run and how did you get involved? My first Virtual […]

My VR Story – Luke Bremmer

Virtual Runner member Luke began his running journey back in 2005 and since then has collected over 143 medals. We thought we would catch up with Luke to find out more. Luke runs with the Shelton Striders Running Club in Derby, which along with keeping him active, much like Virtual Running, promotes and supports good […]

How to stay safe while running

With Winter in full swing and less daylight hours to squeeze in a run, it’s a timely reminder of the little things we can do to stay safe while we pound the pavement. Running in the dark can present some risks, not only due to the lower visibility, but for women especially, verbal abuse, harassment […]

On your Mark, Get Set, Go

Mark Widowson is probably the most inspiration man you’ve never heard of. He is Virtual Runner’s one and only wheelchair runner at the LIVE Event, proving the saying – ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’. The East Midlands man recently completed the Virtual Runner 2km live event with his walking frame at the Becket […]

Run like duck

Mark Atkinson, Author of ‘Run Like Duck’ tells us more about his running and his writing: I started running by accident in 2011 when I realised I was gaining over a stone in weight with each of my wife’s pregnancies. With a couple of kids under two and my weight at least three over what […]

Virtual Runner FAQs

If you’re a beginner to Virtual Running as we all were at some point, you may ask what is Virtual Running? If this is something you have asked at some point than you’ve come to the right place. Here we look at all the information you could need about virtual running; whether it be how […]

To Plog or Not to Plog

Do you enjoy running? Of course, you do. Do you want to make the area you live cleaner and safer? Again of course you do. Have you heard of Plogging? Maybe not. Welcome to the future of multi-task exercise, this growing trend of plogging has captured the imagination of thousands around the world and might […]

The truth about your cuppa – how caffeine can impact performance

We all love a cup of joe in the morning, to wake us up and get us ready for the day ahead. However, coffee, or more specifically caffeine, can affect people in both positive and negative ways, so it’s important to do your homework before adding it to your running diet. Coffee as we all […]

New Year Resolutions – How to Manage & Achieve your Goals

New Year resolutions are always very difficult to manage, you can start with the best of intentions, but things can be very difficult to stick to when life happens. Everything going on at home or work can sometimes push them to the back of your mind. Here we look at ways you can manage your […]

Breaking through runner’s plateau

The dreaded plateau. It’s that all too common experience when you find yourself hitting brick walls in your training, unable to progress past a certain running speed or fitness level. It’s your body’s way of telling you that your current training regime has gotten you as far as it can and it’s time to change […]

What about wearables? A guide to the best wearable tech for running

These days there are gadgets that track your heart rate, sleep patterns, pace and even how much lactic acid is building up in your muscles. With all of this amazing technology out on the market it can be hard to know what is beneficial and what is little more than a flash gizmo. To save […]

The Winter Running Survival Guide

It’s easy to lose your running mojo when it’s cold and wet outside, but there are ways to stay on track throughout the dark winter months. We’ve put together a handy winter running survival guide to get you through and to make sure the drop in temperature doesn’t equal a drop in fitness. Dress for […]

Running with a baby in tow – things to know for buggy runners

It’s expected that in becoming a parent, there are some things from your previous life you may have to sacrifice. Fortunately running doesn’t have to be one of them. It’s easier said than done finding time for a solo run, but there is a way you can take your little one with you. While you’re […]

Five reasons why you should start virtual running

It’s our fifth birthday in November here at Virtual Runner and to celebrate our half-decade we asked our community of dedicated runners what makes virtual running so special and, if you’re new to Virtual Runner, why you should give it a go. 1. It gets you off the couch We’ve all been there, battling the […]

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you…

Andrea Allen tells us of her running journey and what it has meant to her. Here in her own words. Like many people, I got into running through the C25K app. I consider myself a very confident person generally, but I must confess when it came to exercise I was out of my comfort zone. […]

Overcoming the injury blues – how to get back up and running

You should count yourself lucky if you’re among the fortunate few who have managed to escape injury so far in your running exploits. It happens to the best of us, whether it’s a sprained ankle or something more serious, and there’s nothing more frustrating than being forced off your feet and seeing your hard-earned fitness […]