Join A Marathon Race Today!

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Undoubtedly the ultimate in endurance accomplishments, running a marathon is something reserved for those runners who’ve put in months of training and preparation.

But with Virtual Runner, you don’t to complete a marathon all in one go. As long as you cover the minimum distance within the time period, varying from a week to a month, you’ll be the proud owner of a Virtual Runner marathon medal!

Looking For A Marathon Near You?

With Virtual Runner, there’s no pressure to enter your popular local marathon.

Instead, choose from one of our marathon races that suits you best – noting that they have different requirements when it comes to how long you have to complete the distance. You can then run the marathon anywhere you like.

Want a challenge? You could take a hilly route.

Want to take it a bit easy? Break the distance up over as many events as you like.

Cold and rainy outside? Feel free to complete the vents on a treadmill!

When you’ve conquered the marathon distance, we just need to see some evidence, like screenshots or pictures of whatever run-tracking device you use.

Then it’ll just be a few days before your marvellous marathon medal arrives in the post, and you can celebrate being part of the elite club of marathon runners!

Do You Need Some Marathon Running Motivation?

Running a virtual marathon race is a great way to stay motivated. You’ll be part of a supportive community, and you’ll be working towards earning that prized medal!

Still need some extra motivation? With all Virtual Runner marathon races, 20% of the entry fee will be donated to charity.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the currently available marathon races today.

If you’ve not worked your way up to marathon level yet, why not take a look at smaller distances, like our 5k events, 10ks and half marathon races?