Join a 5k Race Today!

Thanks to their relatively short distance, 5k races are one of the most popular running events. They’re a great introduction to the world of running, ideal for novices who are eager to take their first step, but are also popular with more advanced runners looking to improve their PB.

Looking For A 5K Race Near You?

With Virtual Runner, you don’t need to worry about finding a local 5k.

Simply select a 5k race that takes your fancy, and you can run it anywhere, at any pace and at any time. Don’t fancy braving the elements? You can even complete the race on a treadmill!

Once you’ve completed your 5k, simply show us any evidence of its completion, like a screenshot from an app like parkrun, or some Fitbit stats. After that, you simply wait for your shiny new medal to arrive in the post.

Running Your First 5k Race?

If you’re new to 5k races, running with Virtual Runner is a great introduction. There’s no need to worry about crowds, or slowing down to a walk if you need to.

When you’re new to running, it’s really important to stay motivated. A Virtual Runner 5k is a great way to ensure this, as you’ll be working towards an awesome new medal and be part of a supportive running community. For ongoing and helpful motivation, start a Virtual Runner race today.

Run a 5K Race For Charity

With every Virtual Runner 5k race, 20% of the entrance price is donated to charity. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at our 5k races today and select one you fancy!

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