Join a Half Marathon Today! 

A half marathon is a real test of endurance running, and we’re pleased to offer you a fantastic selection of half marathon races to choose from. Join one today, and compete in a half marathon from wherever you are in the world!

Looking For Half Marathons Near You?

You don’t need to wait months for your local half marathon to take place, and with Virtual Runner, you aren’t constrained by location. Simply join a race and run it where and when you like, whether that’s out on the road, in woodland or even on a treadmill!

Complete the distance, and then submit some evidence to us – like data from your Fitbit, parkrun or an app you use to track your run.

After that, it’s simply a case of waiting a few days for your awesome medal to be sent in the post.

We have a great range of half marathon races available, from monthly challenges through to special events for bespoke medals.

Half Marathon Races – For First Timers & Seasoned Runners

As the distance gets higher, it can be harder and harder to stay motivated. The 13.1 miles of a half marathon can seem formidable, particularly if you’re a new runner working your way up the ranks from 5k races and 10ks.

Virtual Runner helps you stay motivated – you’re working towards that medal as part of a supportive and helpful virtual running community.

Run Half Marathon Races For Charity!

Still unsure whether a virtual half marathon is right for you? As with every Virtual Runner race, when you enter a half marathon with us, 20% of the entry fee will be donated to charity.

So check out our half marathon races today!

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Ready for the ultimate challenge? Take on a marathon.