Join a 10k Race Today!

As the race before a half marathon, 10k races can be a real challenge. Whether you’re a recreational runner who’s ready to move up from 5ks, or are a seasoned long distance runner using a 10k as part of your training, join one of our 10k races and get running today!

Looking For A 10K Near You?

Running with Virtual Runner means there’s no need to find a local 10k – you simply join the race, then run – or walk – anytime, anywhere.

You can choose where you run: if this is your first 10k, you might complete the run on a nice flat route; or, if you’re using this as part of a more advanced training routine, you might look to incorporate hills in your 10k race. The choice is yours!

Once you’ve completed your run, just send us some evidence to prove it. Things like screenshots or data from running apps and watches are fine. Once we’ve received that, we’ll send you a shiny medal in the post to add to your collection!

Running Your First 10K Race?

If you’ve stepped up from a 5k, doubling the race distance can seem daunting.

Running your first 10k race at your own pace, wherever you like, with motivation and support is what makes the Virtual Runner community so special.

But advanced runners also benefit from running with Virtual Runner, by earning medals, sharing race results with others and being part of a supportive running community.

Run a 10k Race For Charity

With every Virtual Runner Race, we donate 20% of the entrance fee to charity.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at our 10k races today, choose one you fancy and start earning medals!

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