Spring Virtual Equinox24 challenge

Like most of you reading this, I have an addiction with running – I love it and I at times really dislike it! However, nothing motivates me more than a challenge!

Equinox24 (http://www.equinox24.co.uk/) has been one of my all time favourite events. It is a 24 hour challenge which takes place on the grounds of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. The organisers, Johnny and Laura really make the event something special and if you haven’t heard of this event, I urge you to check it out! I can only describe it as a Glastonbury festival for runners – the atmosphere (and running) is pretty amazing.

So, I contacted the Equinox team and this is where the virtual Spring challenge was born. Entrants had to complete as much mileage on foot (running and/or walking) between 12noon on 25th until 12noon on 26th March. So very much like the September event, it was about getting those miles in. For those of you familiar with the course at Equinox24, I was fortunate enough to be able to avoid ‘THAT HILL’ during my own miles.

I have been suffering with a dodgy leg recently (actually since doing lots of miles at EQ24) and had also been under the weather the 48 hours before the event start, so my mileage was not as high as I had wanted, but you guys didn’t disappoint!

As someone with a marketing background, I can’t help but give you some stats:

Together we achieved 5,140km during the 24 hours which was an average of 20 km per person.

People participated from 20 countries in the World including Malaysia, India, United States, Australia, Poland, Denmark, Luxembourg and the UK.

We raised £800 for Wings for Life who send their thanks your way.

We had at least one running celebrity joining us – the wonderful and inspiring Amy Hughes.

The person with the highest mileage achieved 135.8km (wow!)

I could go on, but I appreciate not everyone like a stat as much as me.

Well done to everyone who took part in the challenge and keep getting those miles in!

Results for this challenge can be found here:

Spring Virtual Equinox24 challenge