It’s the Great North Run this weekend…!

I am typing this almost minutes before I make the journey north to Newcastle ahead of the Great North Run this weekend!

Am I ready? Kinda. Will I run 13.1 miles on Sunday? Yes! I have ran at least 3 times a weeks for months now so I know I can do the distance, so why am I nervous? I even did a half marathon in training for a half marathon, so i’ve got this, right? So why have I checked my running kit to ensure I have everything at least ten times already?

My running hasn’t been going so well recently; my times have slowed down, i’ve been dealing with ‘angry’ legs which are clearly not quite as keen on running as I am. So I have set my goals pretty low for this event – to have fun and earn that medal and finisher’s t-shirt. I have been known to talk to people all the way round a marathon, so if you see me out there (i’ll be in a blue Virtual Runner’s t-shirt of course!) please give me motivation, a kick up the backside, etc – basically anything to help me make that journey of over 21km enjoyable!

This week, we have also seen Virtual Runners all around the globe taking on the distance of 13.1 miles in our Greatest 13.1 Challenge (

I have seen some amazing mileage from you amazing lot – I promise the bling will be worth it! So to all of you taking on either our challenge virtually, the Great North Run alongside me on Sunday or any other running – I wish you all the best of luck! May all our miles be filled with smiles (or in my case grimaces). Watch our for the photographers 🙂