Your best can be as simple as changing your style!

Are you comfortable in your running clothes when you run? If not, it might be time for a change. Here we look at tips for the best running clothes.

Do you think about what clothes you wear for your run? Are you comfortable in them when you run? If not, it might be time for a change.

Wearing the right clothing is very important to runners as it can avoid injuries, discomfort and can motivate you if you have for example new shoes or a top you want to try out. Having the correct clothes can be as important as having water with you.

Some of the top brands we’ve recommend in the past are Skechers, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance and Nike. But, if you want to be a proper Virtual Runner we do have our own merchandise selling perfect clothing for every situation click here  for our shop.

Clothing is dependent on the conditions, so at the moment you may want to sport the Virtual Runner beanie hat and a long sleeve top and get some layers on, preferably thermals. It’s not about how cool you look, it’s about being comfortable and safe. In the cold we recommend gloves, hats and suitable layers to help insulate. In the warmer months we recommend lighter colours to reflect the sun even though we are in the UK! Also, thin layers and shorter clothes.

It is possible that you’ll have to tackle the darkness while on your run, whether its before work or late in the evening. It is vital you’re visible and safe. You can do this with reflective clothing, wearable head lamps, other lights and try and run in well-lit locations. These things help you see where you’re going but, also helps others see you and vehicles.

When choosing clothing ensure its practical but, also something you can wear and be confident. Lowering confidence can stop people running completely and we’re here to encourage runners. Choose clothing that will make you feel positive about exercise, you will see a big difference in your motivation to get out there.

SHOES SHOES SHOES! The most important item you need before you step outside and start your run. You can’t run bare footed or in crocs, shoes carry you to the finish line. Previous blogs have highlighted the importance for correct footwear.  Having the right shoe not only keeps you safe and helps prevent injury but, also contributes to being faster and a better runner. There are many types of shoe for the many types of terrain, make sure you match them up the best you can.