What could be better than running with a medal to show for it?

Sarah Avery lost weight, found running and used Virtual Runner to help motivate herself to continue. Sarah in her own words tells us of her journey.

After losing almost 9 stones in weight I discovered running and it became a new found hobby of mine. starting at the beginning of 2018, I discovered Virtual Runner and their New Years Day Masquerade Medal. I soon signed up for it and when it fell through my postbox I knew I was hooked. What could be better than running with a medal to show for it?? 

After discovering the Virtual Runner monthly challenges I had to sign up! A piece of bling, every month, I couldn’t wait!! I started the challenges with running in mind but initially did a combo of walking, running and cycling to meet the minimum of 100km every month.

My first couple of segments helped get me through C25K, something I never thought I’d be able to complete. 

I was so excited when the first segment (or cheese as my 12 year old calls it) dropped through the door but not as excited as when the second and subsequent pieces arrived and I could begin to piece them together.

Everything was going well and each month got easier and easier. As my running increased so did my monthly totals, which was a great motivator to carry on with the yearly challenge. 

Starting as a new runner, I was amazed at how the virtual 100km monthly challenges kept me going. It gave me the motivation I needed to keep moving, just putting one step in front of the other. Each month has got easier and easier and my running totals have increased. A low has got to be when I injured my foot during the summer months, making it a bit more of a challenge to finish the month. Sheer determination got me through it, even if it took me to the very last day of the month! 

Since starting the yearly challenge I now have more faith and confidence in my own running ability and have since done two 10km races, numerous parkruns, and have signed up for two half marathons, one being the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2019 running for the charity NSPCC.