Virtual Runner helps me maintain my weight and lead a healthy lifestyle

Another incredible Virtual Runner journey from overweight to bling/running addict. Ian Kenna, tells us about why virtual races are important to both him and the lifestyle he leads with his daugther.

Coming from a non running background and being massively overweight, I have found a way to keep fit and giving to great causes (which is now my passion) through Virtual Runner (VR).  4 years ago I was 25 1/2 stone and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. I’ve now lost 14 stone in weight, I use VR as a platform to maintain my weight and keep me focused on my goals, to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle for my children and giving them a better quality of life.

Last year I raised over £9,500 for Cancer Research UK & to Faye this year raised £10,800 for Children’s Hospice South West and by entering your races supported other various charities and of course achieved many miles on the road.  I am currently just finishing running 300km in 30 days (10km a day for 30 days) for Heart FM’s charity Make Some Noise and the Virtual Runner medals have helped me gain focus on the goals as it’s a lot of running without any bling.