Virtual Runner FAQs

If you’re a beginner to Virtual Running as we all were at some point, you may ask what is Virtual Running?

If this is something you have asked at some point than you’ve come to the right place. Here we look at all the information you could need about virtual running; whether it be how virtual running got started to how to sign up for the races and everything in between.

Q. What is Virtual Running?

Answer: Virtual Running is the new, improved way of taking part in regular exercise, instead of running just at marathons or official races, Virtual Runner gives you control of where, when, how much and why you run and allows you to fit everything around whatever you are doing, including holidays!

Q. How many Virtual Races can I do?

Answer: That is completely dependent on you, you can sign up for multiple races at the same time or if you’re a beginner or extremely busy then just sign up for one race at a time and before long you’ll become Virtual Runner addicted.

Q. How do I sign up for a Virtual Race?

Answer: This is extremely simple, just choose whichever race you are interested in and if there are spaces available just click the ‘Join this Race’ button, and proceed straight to the checkout, then all you have to do is get running for the cause… and the medal.

Q. How did Virtual Runner start?

Answer: I had been running for a short time but found issues finding regular races in January which were close to home and which I could fit around my busy home and work life. I wanted to help people who are in the same situation as me to continue with regular exercise. 

Q. How/Where do I post my results?

Answer: Once you have signed up for a race you can submit your results straight on to the website via a screenshot of your running app or picture of your watch etc. Remember that you don’t have to do everything in one day and once you have completed the race distance you will be able to receive a cool medal as a way of saying congratulations.

Q. Is there any Social Media around Virtual Runner?

Answer: Yes, you can find our official Facebook page and closed group, on here you can find people just like you who are interested in Virtual Running; you’ll find people posting running information, race times, general motivation or just socialising and find running partners to join you on your next run. Alongside this I also do a Facebook Live every fortnight on a Sunday which will provide you with more information around new races and answer any questions you might have. You can always find us on Twitter @VirtualRunnerUK and Instagram @virtualrunneruk. 

Q. What advice would you give someone who has never done Virtual Runner before?

Answer: There is plenty of information which is currently on our website, we have multiple blogs covering everything from ‘running with buggy’s’ to ‘overcoming the injury blues’, however I would say it may be difficult at first however if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you, keep pushing and the pride you will get from completing your first race is something that will give you motivation to keep going.

Q. I want to run for a charity you don’t run for at the moment, what do I do?

Answer: We at Virtual Runner are always looking for new charities to raise money for, we have made a target of £500,000 to be donated to multiple charities through our races, on the website you will find a ‘Fundraising’ section where you can submit any charities for us to review and we will try to include these in future races.