The Focus of a virtual half marathon gave me a wake up call around my eating disorder

Laura Harris, has been in touch with Virtual Runner and told us more about her leap into running and what it has meant for her. Laura in her own words…

I thought I would email to share a story with you following completing the Virtual Sage Reading Half Marathon yesterday.

For over 9 years I had battled with an eating disorder. Back in March I watched my husband complete his first Half Marathon around Colchester. Being able to watch and support him was so overwhelming and emotional.  To watch him achieve his goal of completing his first half, after nearly 2 years of training, was simply amazing. I was the proudest wife in the world.

It was watching him achieve what he did, that gave me the kick I needed and the wake up call around my disorder. I wanted to feel the excitement and adrenaline that he did – I wanted to achieve something in my life – so with his help, we composed a training & eating plan to help me on the slow and steady road to recovery. For me, taking up running was my way of ensuring I could put weight back on, but in a controlled way as well as working towards something.

So it all started in April.

Since then – I have been lucky enough to take part in various events – the Run Disney series (5ks), the Race For Life (10k), ASICS in London (10k), a run in Scotland with my sister (10k), the summer virtual series with Virtual Runner in June ( 😊 ) however…I longed for something more adventurous and prove to myself I could push myself further – both mentally and physically…..

…so – me and my husband, Alan signed up for the virtual Sage Reading half…..

And I am pleased to say (as you can see from the results!) I made it! I have officially completed my first HALF MARATHON and could not be prouder of myself. To complete it with my husband was the most amazing achievement and a moment we will share for a lifetime. To have the ability to do such events through Virtual Runner is fantastic and I want to say thank you – for offering people like me – the chance to run an event without the added pressure of crowds and race conditions. I can’t wait for my first ever half marathon medal to come through!!!!!!

Edit: here is Laura with her well deserved bling! Look at that smile 🙂