Summer Running Tips

We look at the key things that you can do to keep running even in the summer heat.

During the summer it can be very difficult to continue your running as you have during the colder seasons. People who do run during the summer season will do everything to try and avoid peak heat by running at dawn or in the evening, or by taking advantage of gyms where air conditioning is a thing. This blog will look at key things that you can do to keep running even in the summer heat.


Running during the summer has different challenges than running during any other part of the year, the most important factor is water consumption before, during and after a run as to avoid issues such as heat stroke/exhaustion. On average a runner will expend between 400-1500kcal/hour dependant on intensity levels and fitness levels, this high expenditure of calories can lead to issues if hydration is not maintained during a run; studies show it is best to drink 30-45 minutes before a run and during a run you should be looking to drink every 10-15 minutes during your run. After a run while drinking more water is recommended other drinks such as carbohydrate rich protein drinks or milkshakes are also beneficial as they help the muscles to recover and rebuild bigger and stronger.

Acclimate to the Conditions

Running in high heat is not something that you can just do, elite long-distance runners leading up to championships will slowly and carefully acclimate to higher temperatures as to avoid suffering injuries that could damage their progress. It is advised that to start with you avoid running during the day and instead look to focus your runs during the early morning or after sunset as to avoid peak temperatures and avoid high humidity levels that will occur later/earlier in the day. However far you like to run it is important to acclimate yourself to run that distance, however, if this option of early/late running is not possible using gym facilities is recommended during this time of the year.


If running during the summer is something that you enjoy then it is crucial to avoid suffering from any type of burn that can become painful or irritating during a run. Putting on sunscreen before a run is crucial as to avoid sunburn especially to open skin such as the arms and the back of the legs. However other precautions can and probably should be taken as to avoid any chance of suffering any heat related issues during a run; wearing a hat with a neck cover or a visor is crucial during the summer, this will help avoid along with water consumption the chances of heat stroke/heat exhaustion but limit the chances of sunburn to the back of your neck and the top of the back. The second thing which you should be doing is applying after sun after your run as to soothe the skin and reduce the chances of sunburn occurring, if after sun is something that you don’t want to use a cold bath/shower after your run can help lower body temperature and soothe any burned skin that has occurred during a run.

Choosing Correct Clothing is Key

When running especially during summer clothing choices are crucial as to make your run as easy as possible, running in light-coloured, loose clothes as opposed to dark, restrictive clothing will keep you cool during running and avoid unnecessary running issues. Loose clothing allows the skin to breathe and cool itself down while any light-coloured clothing as opposed to dark colours reflects heat keeping you as cool as possible during your run. The best material for your clothing during the summer is synthetic fibres, these unlike cottons help wick away moisture and allows cooling evaporation to take place.

We hope this is helpful and can be used to keep your summer running going, have you got any tips that you have that have helped you? We would love to hear them over on our Facebook page here