As you all know I am a self confessed stationery addict, but I have another addiction that I haven’t really spoken about. I like to run!

I started running years ago, after James was born, before Abi was here, I loved being able to get out in the fresh air and pound the pavements to clear my head. Whilst I was going through IVF and pregnancy I stopped running, but not long after Abi was born I was ready to put on my trainers and start again. I found some online running groups that were really supportive and I was away. I was regularly doing 5K runs and wanted to try a longer distance. I signed up to the Manchester 10K run last year and that was it, I was hooked. I wanted to do more events, but there were not that many that I could enter that were convenient to me. I found it frustrating that I was regularly clocking up 10k runs, but not able to enter races, I admit that I like getting medals to show that I have completed a race. One day I found the answer to my problem and it was amazing! Virtual Runner!!  It is a website that allows you to sign up for races that take place on a certain day, you run the race when it is  convenient to you., send in your proof and the postman delivers you a shiny new medal. Not only do you get a medal, but the money that is raised goes to different charities too. The team that run the website are amazing, Susan Wheatcroft, who set the site up is awesome (she is a mum and works full time) and there is a really supportive community of runners that help each other out.

At the moment I am battling injuries, but I am getting much better, regularly getting out twice a week now and running between 5 and 10K a time. I will also let you into a little secret, I have entered into the ballot for the London Marathon. I know the chances of getting a place are as slim as finding a unicorn in my back garden, but I am hoping….

If you want to check the site out the link is

Here is a little picture of my running bling to date to inspire you.

Hoping to see a few of you in the community soon

Louise –