Running Socks to take you that extra mile…

You might have thought about correct shoes, clothing and nutrition but, have you ever considered your socks?

You might have thought about correct shoes, clothing and nutrition but, have you ever considered your socks?? The number of socks on the market is endless, so we’re here to take you through the best ones and why.

There are socks for everything and you might need to re think your decision before you head out on your next run. Here are 5 examples of socks out there.

Anti- Blister running socks

Have you ever struggled with blisters? These socks are double layered to significantly reduce the risk of blisters on every step of your run. The hard-finished heels and toes provide comfort and support. They’re suitable for all distances and terrains, to help your run become more comfortable. A must for all runners.

Compression socks

Compression socks during and after exercise has been proven to improve circulation, increase blood flow and improve your overall recovery. Compression socks keep you a lot safer from injury by regulating blood flow. We recommend these socks for those experiencing injury or cramp a lot while out running.

5 finger socks

These socks might be for the more experimental runners we have out there but, equally as good and effective. The material they use makers sure you’re warm and help circulation. The material also reduces friction and are very comfy. A lot of producers of this sock have a good amount of cushioning such as the anti-blister ones.

Secret Running Socks

Secret Running socks remain hidden in your shoes and give you a sleek look but also keep you cool in the summer. They’re thin but keep your feet cushioned from blisters. Perfect for a hot summer run!!

Thermo Socks

Thermo socks deliver increased levels of warmth when running even on the coldest days. The socks have an insulating layer by allowing the tiniest amount of water and stores it which then heats up that same water to keep your feet insulated.

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