Running had helped me in more ways than ‘just’ weight loss.

Becci Johnson recently sent me a very heartfelt thanks for helping her to keep going through Virtual Runner. I told her that she was the inspirational one (and I am sure you will agree) so I asked her to share her journey so far to perhaps motivate you to keep going. Below are some words from Becci and what Virtual Runner has meant to her.

At 35 I thought I had it all… happy children, loving husband and wonderful family. I started on a weight loss journey which was going steady. I’d got myself a Fitbit to help motivate me to move more. In November I did a poppy run as my Dad’s an ex soldier and I wanted to do something different having taken part in race for life for 7 years. Everyone was proud of me and my parents told me that there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do.
Suddenly on 14th December, while talking on the phone to me, my Mum had a massive hear attack and passed away. She was and still is my reason for everything I did and do in life. I could have easily fallen apart but i’d found Virtual Runner just before and that’s what I’ve did .. I ran, I walked and I’ve kept going. I’ve entered as many online races as I could with others ready to start and more in my basket awaiting payday… I’ve reached 7 stone weight loss and have the hardest day just around the corner on 13th May, almost 5 months bar a day to loosing Mum – my Dad and I are walking 31 miles from London to Henley with the British heart foundation.
Why am I telling you this? Because some days are dark and they feel like getting up is pointless I know, I’ve felt them.. but with a massive thanks to Virtual Runner I’ve found a focus, away to loose myself even for half an hour. You can be you and get through everything #walkforjosie