Running with my dog – my new favourite thing!

I don’t think I have been shy in saying that I have recently been struggling with my running – mainly over my pace and how it feels. So I decided to mix things up and have started running with my dog. Bailey is now a year old so this was the earliest I was recommended to start Canicross.

I took to the Virtual Runner Facebook group to ask for advice on what kit I needed and it was advised I went along to some sessions where you have the options to try kit and work out what suits you and your dog best. Canicross has opened up a whole new world of how I can spend money on my ‘free’ sport! I found a local club who was offering this support on a Tuesday evening, so Bailey and I went along. I tried some kit and whilst it wasn’t quite right for me, we found the perfect items for my pup. Bailey took to Canicross really quickly – he pulled and was clearly enjoying it.

We returned the following week and I tried some more kit – a much better pairing for me. I was hooked. Together Bailey and I were running faster than I had in weeks and this was despite having ran a half marathon less than 48 hours before.

I have now been to 4 sessions with my dog, we are both learning but thoroughly enjoying it. The people I have been running with have been so supportive, offering brilliant advice for a novice such as myself. This week, I was given another dog to run with (alongside Bailey) – I almost achieved my fastest mile ever, I felt like I was on a roller coaster from the adrenaline rush I got!

So to all you dog loving runners out there, if you haven’t thought of Canicross I urge you to give it a go! I have no doubt that you will seeing both Bailey and I earning those virtual Dog Jog medals now available in the Join A Race page!