To run or not to run…? That is the injury question!

I have been running very regularly since I started a little over 3 years ago, often completing at least 3-4 runs and over 25km a week. I am a huge fan of participating in parkrun and races. Anything from 5k to marathon and i’m there! Racing is a huge motivator for me to continue running and to better my pace whilst spending time with like minded individuals. The difficult search to find races during the winter was one of the early driving forces behind my idea of Virtual Runner – I cannot cope without a goal!

Since completing one of my favourite events; Equinox24 ( in September, my mileage has reduced – why? Because I am in denial about an injury. So instead of completing my usual 3 runs, this has decreased to 1 run a week as I am struggling to let go of parkrun. I am now going to admit that during one of my laps at the fab 24 hour event, I twisted my ankle. Being a ‘typical’ runner, I have ignored my injury and continue running. But, I am (for now) going to have to admit defeat and hang up my running shoes until I can walk properly once more.

I was due to complete the Great South Run this weekend but will instead opt to being very sensible and stay away from the start line. This decision was not an easy one to make – who was I letting down? Surely I could do it anyway? What about the medal I am going to miss out on? And the atmosphere of the event? Instead, I will most definitely sulk and work on some cross training to strengthen my ankle and concentrate on my return from injury. In the meantime, I will work on getting more challenges organised for you lovely lot! Keep an eye on for new additions (sorry!)