Challenge Runs

Challenge Yourself!

Virtual Runner challenge runs are much longer distances, but they’re monthly accumulative events. For example, it might be a 100km challenge, but you’ll have the whole month to complete it in as many sessions as you like.

Why Run A Challenge Run?

With a virtual runner challenge run, you have the opportunity to push yourself, but to do it at your own pace.

With a target distance for the month in mind, challenge runs give you that extra bit of motivation to get out regularly. The time you complete the event in isn’t considered, only that

you reach the distance – so every little helps! Run these challenges at your own pace and complete them in as many sessions as you like.

Simply send us some evidence of its completion when you’re done, like Fitbit or Garmin stats, and you’ll be sent a cool new medal in the post as a memento of your achievement!

Challenge Yourself For Charity

We’re pleased to give at least 20% of your race entry to charity. Couple this with a great range of races to choose from and the extra motivation & support offered by the Virtual Running community, and you’ve got no excuse not to join a Virtual race today!