Wonder Runner July challenge

Are you a Wonder Runner? Find out in our mileage challenge!

1493 runners!
257 places remaining

This race is open to everyone and you can run or walk or cycle as far as you can (broken down in as many events as you like) between 1st – 31st July 2017 to earn your exclusive medal!

Submissions proving your distance will be required by the 4th August at 12noon to claim your medal. You must achieve a minimum of 10k across the month (not necessarily done in one go) to claim your medal. Anything after this date, will not be accepted, you will not appear on the results and will not get your medals.

Once you have submitted (and please only submit once and when you achieve the minimum distance of 10k), patiently wait for the post to arrive with your medal which will be sent within 5 working days after approval of your submission!

A minimum of 20% donation will be given to The John van Geest Cancer Research centre.

Return to www.virtualrunneruk.com to view the virtual race results.



A minimum of 20% from every entry fee will be donated to The John van Geest Cancer Research centre

How it works

  • Choose a race from our website and register your place.
  • Run in your own time, anywhere in the world, at your own pace!
  • Send us proof of your time, and we’ll publish the results online.
  • We’ll send your awesome medal, and we’ll donate 20% to charity!