Run Like a Time Lord March 5k

Earn yourself a medal worthy of a Time Lord by completing our 5k challenge!

1129 runners!
168 places remaining

Virtual Runner UK has teamed up with The National Autistic Society with a limited edition, spinning Doctor Who themed Tardis medal!

Do you fancy completing our 5km run/walk over the space of a week to earn yourself a medal worthy of a Time Lord? And of course helping to fundraise to support those with autism.

This race is open to everyone and you can run or walk the 5km over the space of 7 days but you must reach a minimum of the 5km distance between Thursday 1 – Wednesday 7 March 2018 to earn your exclusive medal! The distance doesn’t have to be done in one go so this event is suitable for everyone. The results table will be ranked by the highest mileage completed during the week down to 5k! All submissions must be received ahead of the deadline of 12 noon on Saturday 10 March 2018 to claim your medal.

The race charity is The National Autistic Society and they will receive a minimum of 20% of every entry fee.


In aid of the National Autistic Society

How it works

  • Choose a race from our website and register your place.
  • Run in your own time, anywhere in the world, at your own pace!
  • Send us proof of your time, and we’ll publish the results online.
  • We’ll send your awesome medal, and we’ll donate 20% to charity!