Ok I admit, I’m injured again…

Ok, ok I am going to have to admit to you (and myself) that I am injured! Again. We all appreciate that this is one of the worst things as a runner.

I have been on a running streak and had completed just over 100 days straight. But this week it came crashing down when I felt a niggle in my hip after a treadmill run (grrr to the dreadmill!). So after a physio visit, I have been diagnosed with a stressed tendon. And wow it hurts!

I know I should feel proud of my 100 day run streak but I can’t help but feel disappointed that I can’t continue. Day 4 of resting and I am climbing the walls! Like many of you, I rely on my running as one of my forms of stress relief and time out. And the week of the LIVE races this is exactly the kind of time I could really do with this head space, so for now I have gone back to the pool to keep myself active. After all, I don’t want to loose the fitness I have built up over the last 3+ months.

Lots of you are doing RED (Run Every Day) January – here is my one piece of advise. Listen to your bodies as you don’t want to end up having to stop running longer term. Also mix your training up, it’s really important to not only run to support your very important bodies.

And for those of you doing the Virtual Runner LIVE events this week – please run your PBs just for me. I am confident that you will all have a great run. Myself and the team have done everything to support you in having a fantastic race and we can’t wait to see you at the start line. I will promise to contain my jealously of you all running!