Not New Year’s resolutions, but goals

Me again, and this time I’m not going to focus too much on my marathon which is now just around the corner (3 weeks away! Eeeeekkk!)

Instead, I am going to tell you of the goals I set myself in January and how this worked/didn’t work out for me. You will tell from what I write, I do like a goal. These goals were personal to me and I didn’t promote the fact I was doing these challenges.


After watching Game Changers on Netflix, I was certainly intrigued by a plant based diet and how it could potentially improve my performance, I’m no serious athlete but I do like to better/push myself. So I decided to try Veganuary.

Going plant based was actually suggested by my doctor to (hopefully) prevent daily lifetime medication and reduce symptoms around a thyroid issue. January was a perfect time to try this with the extra support and products in the supermarkets. Every week my GP has been checking my key stats and in all areas I’ve improved (I’ve lost weight, improved HR, improvements to my thyroid and most importantly reduced symptoms from what I’m under consultant care for).

Weight loss – I lost 5.5lbs in January (and continue to do so into February). Despite adding some ‘dirty’ vegan items including Greggs, KFC and McDonalds. On the occasions I reached for these, there were more nutritious options available but I wouldn’t have stuck to my plant based promise (going forward I will compromise on better choices over plant based).

Dry January

As you can tell, I was on it! During January, I also went dry. I gave up alcohol for the month. I’d like to think i’m not a big drinker, but I do love a glass of prosecco or gin. All of which have calories and don’t aim my running/sleep or waist line. I have achieved this goal and haven’t drank anything since New Year’s Eve.

RED (Run Every Day) January

I also (on the quiet) attempted RED January. I kept it low key as I didn’t want the pressure from others. I exercised every day and did attempt to run every day. However, I had to listen to my body and on 23rd January (and a few days after that) I took a break from running. My body clearly does like a rest day or two. I was still very very chuffed with my monthly total of 271km running during January.


The highlight for me this month has been the variety and trying new things. Sharing others ideas too; particularly around plant based foods. I have clocked up miles with friends and used exercise as a way of catching up with people I’d not seen over Christmas.

Going forward I plan to keep a proportion of my meals as plant based. But I will reintroduce the odd item when it’s better for my health (McDonald’s versus an ethically sourced tuna sandwich for example). Or as a treat when going out for dinner etc.

My plant based fuel has been plenty enough to get me round many running miles – I am marathon training after all! I am keeping the alcohol out of my diet until marathon day where I am looking forward to a glass of something cold. Reckon I will deserve that treat after completing 26.2 miles of trails 🙂

I will keep on running, but definitely not every day. It just doesn’t work for me.

Everyone has the right to make their choices and set goals to work for them, but right now I’m happy with mine!