New Year, new you?

You know the drill: it’s January, 2016 is gone and with it must go the old you. Diets glare at you from the covers of magazines, fluorescent workout DVDs are on flash sale and just about every one of your Facebook friends has updated their status with some form of ‘New Year new me’ in an attempt to, well, we’re not quite sure.

What we are sure of is that we are made to feel we need to change.

There’s no denying that a new year brings with it a sense of a fresh slate, but we’re not about to jam anything down your throat. Why should you feel bad about having enjoyed yourself at Christmas? Instead, we want to encourage and maintain old, good habits, rituals and goals. Don’t write off your 2016 self – it has just as much to offer as the 2017 version of you does.

So, whether you’re a long-time runner or a total novice, Virtual Runner is all-inclusive. You can run your race wherever you are, at whichever pace suits you, anywhere in the world.

But, as it’s 2017, we thought we’d hop on the age-old bandwagon of trying something new, which is why this month we’re hosting our first ever live event. On Sunday 8th January we will be joining forces with Perfect Motion in Nottingham to host a live 5k run. Unlike our usual virtual events, this is one to which you can actually turn up and take part in with other people.

Anyone can take part – young and old – and upon completion you will receive a medal. Plus, with the support of hundreds of others runners it’s the perfect way to pick up a healthy habit – whether it’s new or old – in 2017.

So, are you in?

For me personally, I will be eating better. My challenges, like most are time constraints. So I will be ordering food online from local and good quality companies including MuscleFood ( and my new favourite Kerry’s Food ( – both who deliver to my door. Eating better (and obviously cutting down on the wine) will help my running – surely?

Happy New Year!