Marathon training continues

January is always a busy month for me, particularly with Virtual Runner. So alongside the best job in the world (which included Virtual Runner LIVE) and marathon training, I haven’t been great at keeping up with my blog. So here goes…

If you haven’t read my previous blogs, I have entered to run 26.2 miles in the Brecon Beacons in February. Definitely not going to be my easiest run ever that’s for sure! I am running the marathon with Bailey, my dog so we’re both in training.

In my last blog I had run a marathon as part of the training (by accident!). Since then I have been trying to stick to my plan a little better to do my best to avoid injury. Part of my plan was a 10k trail race which really showed that my training is paying off. I finished 3rd female and 1st in my age category. I have never picked up a trophy for running, so here is me looking like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards but very proud!

Since this race, I have been focusing on my long run and getting some hills in. Not all that easy when I don’t live near any that are the climbs that i’ll be tackling in Wales. So alongside friends and a very supportive husband, I have been making regular visits to the Peak District and other parts of Derbyshire. All with Bailey too of course!

Bailey and I are now up to 18 miles on our plan – having done this a few times. He is being an absolute superstar and seems to be enjoying every step. We are still making tweaks to our plans including nutrition and kit, highlighting the importance of training. It’s not just about getting the miles in the legs.

Since Christmas, I have ran lots of miles and have kept up my strength training in the gym. I have weight trained at least twice a week and continue to include cross training (mainly cycling). My food choices have on the whole been good which is all helping keeping my strong and healthy for my running.

Not all of my miles have been with Bailey though. I have taken part in some races where he couldn’t join including a great local event called 3 Villages where I got a sub 50 minute time. I also made my cross country debut – which was great fun and brilliant training!

I have also kept up with parkrun (hate missing it!) so included Bakewell as part of my long run this weekend and was super delighted to get a parkrun PB of 00:21:49. Not an all time 5k PB, but I was super chuffed as this was after already completing 5 miles and before tackling another 11 miles! So after the marathon, I am looking forward at concentrating on my 5k time again. But for now, not all is lost with my speed 🙂

Soon the miles are going to step up a little further and I’m actually looking forward to it. Bailey is too! Good luck to everyone else training just now. Enjoy and trust your plan.