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Virtual Runner Live – Sign Up For A 2K, 5K Or 10K in Nottingham!

It can be tough to find running events in January. But particularly after the Christmas period, knowing you’re entered in an event can be the motivation you need to keep on track.

Virtual Runner Live takes place in Nottingham on 6th January 2019, and allows you to take part in a 2K, 5K or 10K race. Some runners even take part in all three!

Our runs are usually virtual, meaning you can do them wherever you like, whenever you like, but we’re using this live event to get the Virtual Running community together and meet as many of you as possible!

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Which Race Length Should I Choose?

The 2K race is ideal for children and for new starters – essentially for those who enjoy our fun run races! It’s open to all, so if you’re a more advanced runner, feel free to use it to keep your legs moving and earn that extra medal. The Virtual Running community is really supportive and helpful, and if this is yours or your child’s first running event, it’s guaranteed to be a great and friendly introduction!

The 5k is a great introduction to running races for new runners, but whether this is your first race, or you’re working towards a PB, all are welcome! Our Nottingham 10K is that extra bit challenging, making a great final step before your journey towards the half marathon or marathon.

Feel free to enter all three and complete a total of 17k, which will earn your three unique bespoke medals!

All abilities are welcome, from walkers through to sub-20 minute 5k runners, and children are welcome too. Whichever race you enter, all runners receive a medal upon finishing!

What’s The Route Of The Nottingham 2K?

nottingham 2k


What’s The Route Of The Nottingham 5K?

nottingham 5k


What’s The Route Of The Nottingham 10K?

nottingham 10k

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