I knew I would love running. I do. Now.

Claire tells us in her own words about her running journey, how it helped her shift some weight and what kept her motivated.

But when I started I hated it.

I told myself I was OK with my weight, I was a size 22. I needed an operation and was told there would be added risks due to my size. Oh.
Gyms bored me, I hated swimming (prune fingers, euughh) So, I decided I would run, and I would enjoy it. 

My first attempt I couldn’t get from one lamp post to the next. I hated it.
I tried again, still hated it. So much effort with so little (at that time) reward. The sofa was cosy, there was lots of good tv. I gave up.

A friend found out and she wouldn’t allow me to quit. She dragged me out once a week, wonderful brave woman that she is, it got me on track. 
We both signed up to an organised race 6 months after restarted and I ran my first 5k.

I was so self conscious running that race, but I also knew that I needed a reason to keep running, I needed something to train for, and more importantly a reward. Validation that my efforts were working.

“So you are trying to run, what do you want, a medal?” yes, actually, thanks!
Signing up to Virtual Runner events meant I could go out and do that run, in my own time and space and get my motivation and reward. Awesome.
It kept me on track, it kept me motivated.

My daughter has had a few medals now too, she is so proud and happy when it arrives, I love that she gets extra encouragement towards a healthy life style.

My favourite medal last year was the 1000km, I had a little tear, thinking how far I had come, in every sense.

Overall I am 60lbs lighter and will be ordering the 1000 mile medal in a few weeks.

And now I do love running!