How To Look After Your Mental Health In Lockdown

We have created 5 tips to aid your mental health whilst in the confines of your own home.

As Covid-19 continues to worry the world, it is easy to lose track and neglect our mental wellbeing. We have created 5 tips to aid your mental health whilst in the confines of your own home.


  1. Reflection- Use this break from your normal routine to reflect, do not concentrate on the end too much as you can become caught up in the worry. Reflect upon ‘normality’ and treasure that momentarily this has allowed more time to spend time with children or family members they have not previously been able to do, whereas others are finally getting to press the reset button on their stressful office job. There are numerous ways reflection can be identified such as through meditation, breathing techniques or reading a book. Above all, be kind to yourself and those around you!


  1. Stay Connected- The wonderful powers of technology have been scrutinised, but these advances can be beneficial in such times we find ourselves in currently. Missing family and friends are feelings all are experiencing however it does not have to be so lonely. The use of Facetime, Zoom, Skype and social media can bring you closer to the people you cherish the most. Hosting quizzes or just a daily gossip can really boost the wellbeing of all involved.


  1. Create a Routine- With nowhere to go, it can become easy to lounge in bed allowing the day to pass by. This is not always helpful, creating a routine from getting up and showering to setting aside 2 hours a day for work; this routine will create a sense of normality in such uncertain times. It may seem so simple, yet this small task can give you a sense of purpose reaping huge benefits in your wellbeing as the days get longer.


  1. Daily Exercise- It is very much true however even more so now than ever is the old cliché of ‘exercise makes you feel better’ more prominent. The days are becoming longer, and sunlight hours are increasing, using this time to get outside, move and enjoy the sun could not be more pivotal for that feel-good feeling. Physical activity can be suited for all whether it be a walk, a 5K or a garden marathon.


  1. Manage your Intake of the Media- Everywhere we look at the moment there are sources of constant information on the Coronavirus outbreak however this can actually have a negative impact on your personal wellbeing causing further worry, anxiety and stress. Therefore, making a conscious effort to manage where you gain your understanding can help destroy the demons. Use reputable sources with trustworthy information such as websites and social media pages from the Government.