How to get the most out of your running

Real You Wellbeing are a team of two experience individuals in sports, nutrition and coaching who have very kindly written this blog to inspire your running.

How to get the most out of your running?

When we set clear goals we are much more likely to be successful. What do you want to achieve this week, month, or year? Note down your running goals, make sure they are realistic but challenging too. Be brave, be confident, and go for it!


Fuel your mind

Conditioning our minds to be more positive keeps us more energised and motivated to continue running. What motivates you to run? Is it a fulfilling, positive reason or is it because you want to move away from something? When we use positive reasons as our motivation to do something we are much more likely to stick to our goals. Try to think about your reasons for running with a positive mindset and re-frame your motivation. For example, “I WANT to run to keep my mind and body healthy”, rather than,“I NEED to run to lose weight”. Write down your reason for running.


Fuel your body

It can be helpful for runners to view their food as fuel. In the sports nutrition and wellbeing industry, we see a lot of clients who need help to improve their relationship with food. Often those who are active respond really well to this. Ever heard the expression, ‘you wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car’? Or, ‘a car cannot run on empty’. What, how, and when you choose to eat can help or hinder your body. Do you eat enough carbohydrates; your ‘5-a-day’; healthy fats; and choose lean options of protein. Do you consciously stay hydrated, or avoid excess sugar and ‘bad’ fats? Keeping a food diary for a couple of days will help you to highlight where you could improve your diet.


Chase the runners high

We know that exercise boosts your mood. Although you may not always feel like you have the motivation to go for a run you will always feel better afterwards. Be kind to your mind and body. When you exercise your body releases natural feel good chemicals such as endorphins. Research by the Department of Health shows that exercise is proven to decrease stress hormones, lower depressive feelings, and it can reduce your risk of major illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50%.


Give yourself kudos

How do you record your achievements? Do you display your medals, or log your runs on Strava? Make a list of all your achievements, within running and life in general… what are you most proud of? Stand tall and take the credit for all of that good stuff, and allow it to give you energy for more!