Five reasons why you should start virtual running

It’s our fifth birthday in November here at Virtual Runner and to celebrate our half-decade we asked our community of dedicated runners what makes virtual running so special and, if you’re new to Virtual Runner, why you should give it a go.

1. It gets you off the couch

We’ve all been there, battling the little voice in our head that says it would be much nicer to just snuggle up on the couch and watch Netflix. Committing to a race and setting a goal distance to achieve by a certain date is just the motivation you need to get out the door and pounding the pavement. Virtual running keeps you honest and on track with something to aim for.

2. Run at your own pace

Lining up at a crowded start line can be daunting no matter how serious you take your running. It’s only human to compare yourself to other runners, judging your own performance on where you placed and how many times you were overtaken as you made your way around the course. Virtual running allows you to race without the pressure and expectation, but with the same sense of achievement.

3. Race where and when you want

There is no set course or race day, simply a distance you must complete in as many small chunks as you like within a given window – typically one month. It’s perfect if you work unusual hours, have kids, or live remotely where there just aren’t regular running events. You can choose your own route and run when it suits you so long as you’re clocking up the miles you need to claim your medal.

4. The community

While you may be running solo, you’re certainly not alone. Virtual Runner has a community of over 50,000 runners around the world, with thousands sharing their experiences and finding support and camaraderie through our Facebook group. Virtual runners are not only part of our community, but also give back to their communities, with at least 20% of every race entry fee going straight to a dedicated charity. So, if the race itself isn’t motivation enough, you can pick up the pace knowing your efforts are helping to make a real difference.

5. The medals

Our bespoke race medals are definitely worth a victory parade around the living room. Each race bears its own specially designed medal for runners to add to their collections. It’s a nice visual marker of your achievements and a lasting memento even once the lactic acid aches have long gone.