Why you can’t afford to miss out on January’s National Running Show

We are delighted to be attending the first ever National Running Show and we asked Charlotte to tell us a little more about it and what you can expect in Birmingham in January…

Hi everyone!

Charlotte here from The National Running Show! The Virtual Runner UK team have let me hijack one of their blog posts! We are so excited to have the VR guys signed up to the show.

So, what to tell you about our show and the epicness that is The National Running Show? We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe that the UK is screaming out for a show that is just for runners. We have seen so many events through the year for every type of sport from triathlon shows to sport exhibitions, but nothing that is aimed purely at the nearly 16 million runners who run regularly. Any other running shows that do take place seem to be right before a major event, not really a time of year that you are looking to adopt a new brand, change your running habits or even start your running journey!  With nearly 16 million runners in the UK don’t we deserve a show that looks at everything we need at a time when we need it?

We believe that running is for everyone, no matter who you are, no matter what you need, the show will have you covered.

On a personal note having joined The National Running Show team as a very new runner this year I am a very good example of how the energy from this group of people can truly motivate you to keep going. I have met some inspirational people and truly passionate people through the work I do.  I went from barely running very much at all to being about to embark on 5 half marathons in five weekends. The National Running Show really will be the place to pick up everything you need and we are all passionate about making sure that everyone who comes will get a fantastic experience. I am going to be there right the way through the weekend, so make sure that you come and say hi!

Across the two days of the show we are going to offer everyone who comes access to as many experiences and professionals as we possibly can, from inspiration to kit; technology to nutrition, advice and all the races you could want. We have some truly inspirational people like Dame Kelly Holmes, Ben Smith, Susie Chan, Steve Edwards and so many more. You will get to watch these amazing people talk to you about their experiences, share their stories and encourage people to really strive for themselves. We want people to be able to get expert advice so that we are a stronger running community, staying injury free for as long as possible. There will be so many wonderful kit brands there that you will be able to pick up everything you might need for your coming race year from CEP to Naked Runner and many more.

We are also very proud to say that alongside races such as Swansea Half, Manchester Half and Ramathon we also have a fantastic selection of virtual running brands, including Virtual Runner, so that you will be able to come and see their medals in person and get an idea of the amazing quality they have. The idea being that you can sign up to new challenges for the year ahead.

If you haven’t signed up to get tickets already then head over to our site here for a free ticket with the Virtual Runner team.

We can’t wait to see you at the show!