Breaking Mental Barriers

Running is an all-inclusive activity, but it is tough on your mental state. Break that routine with these tips to help your mind.

Running is an all-inclusive activity, but it is tough on your mental state.  Do you feel like even though you’re running, it feels pointless, relentless and has no purpose with no sense of a light at the end of the tunnel? Then you’re stuck within your routine.

Summer is here, and everyone wants that summer body but if you’re only thinking about the physical benefits for your holiday on the beach then something needs to change! Sport is very beneficial for your mental state and with regular physical activity, it gives you a completely different aspect on life and achieving targets, but it takes time. Listen very closely on how to crack the code on the mental side of running.

With all exercise, you need to see it as pleasure with an end goal, rather than a great end goal but feels like a chore. Life is not an end goal; life needs to be lived in the moment rather than thinking about the end. The process needs to be fun, if you are on the way to achieving this, you’re running on the right track! If not and you feel unmotivated, make the subject interesting and see it as a hobby, where you actually like to research the topic and find new information that you did not know before.

Try changing up your normal routine. Buy new running shoes and sportswear as well as taking some time and effort into creating a new running playlist that you love! Change your normal scenery, get off the treadmill and go outside. Change your route, find a new park, run somewhere different. Start a fresh to refresh! Refreshing your normal schedule will refresh mind and your motivation.

Keeping active and going for a run will not only achieve physical goals and benefits, it will do wonders for your work life and your mental state. You’ll conquer small personal goals that you planned out, such as a distance, target or even inches off your stomach, which will give you a sense of achievement and a feel-good factor.

Exercise goals are key because if you know your stuff and keeping up the consistency, then they will become easy to achieve. This should give you the sense that target setting works and you can take that into your personal life. Lo and behold, your mindset has slowly started to change to you CAN do it, rather than you CAN’T.

Enjoy exercise, keep every routine fresh and make it your hobby!

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